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Wondering where to get the BEST DEAL on an HDTV on Black Friday 2018? Best Deal In Town of course!

Black Friday is November 23rd this year and we will be rolling out some amazing deals throughout November at our Tempe and Scottsdale, AZ HDTV and MacBooks stores! Stop by either shop and get an am

How to Avoid Black Friday Scams!

Many electronics stores have really hot deals on televisions for Black Friday. But are they really good deals, or just clever marketing? Find out the truth about Black Friday sales!

Best Deal In Town has the best Black Friday 2017 deals and Black Friday sales anywhere in Arizona. Need a new cheap TV at the best quality? Stop by our Tempe or Scottsdale TV store!

Where is the best place to buy a TV in Arizona? What television shops in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale AZ have the lowest prices and best deals on and HDTV? Best Deal In Town is the plac

Should I Buy a 4K HDMI cable?

I just bought my new 4K TV. Do I need an expensive ultra HD cable to go with it?

Affordable Sound Bars with Subwoofers

How’s the sound on your new TV?

VR, Flatscreen TVS, and You.

VR technology can blow you away, but don't overlook the time-tested HDTV featuring 4K and OLED panels for your living room.

Top 5 Tech Gifts for Father's Day!

There are lots of cool gifts out there for your Dad, here are 5 of our favorites!

Should I buy a 4K TV or an OLED TV?

How to choose between buying a 1080p, a 4K, and an OLED TV.

Super Bowl HDTV Specials! Do you have your big screen television for the Big Game? The 2017 Superbowl LI is on Sunday February 5th at 4:30 pm

Upgrade your Man Cave now!  Our HUGE Super Bowl Sunday deals have already begun.  We have over 600 HDTVs in stock right now, all sizes, brands and price ran

Superbowl HDTV Specials - Are you ready for the Big Game? Super Bowl Sales, Discounts and Free Giveaways!

Make sure to check out our facebook page as we'll be giving away an
HDTV for the Super Bowl this year. We also have a ton of crazy specials on
all sizes of HDTVs just in time for the

Chinese Flying Lanterns - Buy local at our Phoenix, AZ location here in Tempe - Many Color Options!

This may be a random product that doesn't normally fit our product line,
but when our owner went to find these locally for a Valentines Day
surprise he wanted to do with his wife, he c

Buy Online or In Store! Many products now available online at our normal everyday low prices! Ships quickly from our Tempe AZ USA location!

We have updated our shopping cart to offer many of our products for
online purchase! If you have any questions about an order placed online,
please feel free to contact us at bestdeal

Our AZ TV Store has more HDTV selection (comparing number of models) than any Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, Spencers TV and Appliance, Walts TV and Home Theater, Sears, Target, Radio Shack or any other HD Television Retailer and at MUCH lower prices! We have over 600 TVs in stock today!

If you need to ask yourself, where is the best place to buy an HDTV in Arizona, there is no comparison! With more options and the most knowledgeable sales team, Best Deal In Town is the leader in l

Free Blu Ray Giveaway - Join our facebook page and Email Newsletter today to be eligible for giveaways!

Congratulations to Mike Hackett for winning our Super Bowl Blu Ray
Giveaway. Make sure to like our facebook page at:
to be eligible for fu

Facebook Giveaway - Free Blu Ray Player, Possibly FREE LED Samsung HDTV, Guess the Super Bowl Winner and the final score - Closest Guess Wins It! Sign Up Now to also be eligible for future giveaways and promotions!

Superbowl is finally here and we are celebrating it by giving away a FREE
Blu Ray player and possibly even a Free Samsung LED HDTV! We are
having a contest to see who can guess the wi

Superbowl HDTV Specials - Less than a month away!! Discounts on all Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Vizio and more Smart TVs, 3d high definition televisions here at our Tempe Arizona TV Shop!

We have all kinds of discounts going right now with Superbowl (February 3rd) less than a month away! We are getting about 500 tvs in stock per month so check back often as we will surely have somet

Veterans Day Sales combined with Black Friday Pricing, Free Samsung HDTV Giveaway, and clearance pricing and package deals on all our LED, LCD, and Plasma TV's right now at our Tempe Arizona Television Store!

Make sure you stop by in the next two weeks! We have all our Veterans Day Specials COMBINED with our super low Black Friday pricing! Our deals are too good to pass up right now. Also, make sure you

There are lots of cool gifts out there for your Dad, here are 5 of our favorites!

Number 1: Smart TV. 

Let’s face it, Dad loves watching sports.  There’s nothing you can do to stop him, so why not join him?  There’s nothing Dad will love more than to have a beautiful brand new TV and then, to have his family join him to watch the game!  Dad doesn’t just like watching sports; he likes watching them with his kids. Worried that TVs might be too expensive for your budget? Check out some of our options! Buy Dad this 55 inch Smart TV for Father’s Day and be sure to watch a few games with him throughout the year to spend some quality family time with your Pops.


Number 2: Wonderboom by Ultimate Ears

Dad likes listening to music. He also enjoys lounging in his pool in the backyard.  Dad also likes his music loud. After all, this is his thirtieth Father’s Day. The ole ears aren’t working like they used to, thanks kids.  He’s also worried that his phone or speaker will splash into the pool.  Why not buy him a Wonderboom? For only a single Ben Franklin, the Wonderboom, with its brilliant sound and waterproof ability is the perfect way for Dad to listen to his music in wherever he goes. 


Number 3: Macbook

Dad has an iPad, but the iPad alone doesn’t quite have the capability to run the software he needs for his new camera. May I suggest a Macbook Pro with Retina Display? Or maybe a Macbook Air so he can easily bring it while he’s on the go? I know, Macbook’s are even more expensive than TV’s.  It doesn’t have to be that way if you know where to look.  Now Dad will be able to edit his photos, watch movies, and sync his music library to all his devices.


Number 4: E-Reader

Is Dad an avid reader?  Is he always telling you about this great new book he heard about on the New York Times Best Seller list? The Amazon Kindle or a Nook Tablet is the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day.  With long lasting battery life, Dad will be able to read during the entirety of his cross country flights.


Number 5: Wacom Bamboo Smartpad

If everyone could remember the brilliant ideas that wander into their brains right at the busiest point of the day the world would be a better place.  Help Dad make the world a better place by preserving his brilliance this Father’s Day. The Wacom Bamboo Smartpads come in 3 varieties and makes sure that when the lightbulb turns on, whether it’s a sketch, how to solve world hunger, or just a few sentences, the idea is preserved and sent to synced up devices.

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